Upper Small Creek Rehabilitation Project

Upper Small Creek Rehabilitation Project

This project sees a new direction for LBCCG. This is the first of our large scale projects and involves the rehabilitation of a small tributary of Small Creek (also known as Lexys Creek), which is located in one of two areas identified by the 2007 report (prepared by Natural Solutions PDF 800Kb) as top priority areas for on-ground works – Management Unit (MU) LE2.

A large proportion (64%) of LE2 is covered in vegetation, with almost 40% of that protected. Rural residential land takes up a further 25% while horticulture covers 11% of the MU. There is 95% stream cover along the waterways, however, despite this, there is a significant input of nutrients from this MU (>65% results exceeding guideline levels), possibly partly due to the unstable land (31%).


Much of LE2 is vegetated and most waterways have riparian cover


LE2-resRural residential blocks cover one quarter of the land area of LE2

The project is to be a show case of rehabilitation techniques, involving rehabilitation of regrowth and old revegetation sites, revegetation of a wetland site, roadside rehabilitation and establishment planting of an open grass area. In addition, the project involves volunteer teams from Conservation Volunteers Australia.

For more info on this project, see:
Management Unit LE2: Land Use(PDF 65Kb)
Management Unit LE2: Vegetation, Soil Stability and Protected Areas(PDF 93Kb)
Lake Baroon Catchment Implementation Plan(PDF 1.4Mb)
LBCIP Appendix(PDF 1.4Mb)
Large Scale Waterway Rehabilitation Business Case(PDF 850Kb)

(Please note: these PDF documents are reduced resolution for screen viewing, print quality files are available from the LBCCG office).