National Green Jobs Corps 2010

National_Green_Jobs_Corps_2010_-_National_Green_Jobs_Corps_2010_Final_Report.pdf_-_2014-02-13_16.01.19The project over a twenty-six week period provided ten young people through the National Green Jobs Corps (NGJC) program with the opportunity to participate in natural environment restoration at strategic locations within the Lake Baroon Catchment learn new skills and work together as part of a team towards a common goal, increasing community and employment connectivity.

The program was designed to assist those landholders who would normally fall outside Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group’s (LBCCG) funding priorities. Sites selected were based on their conservation status –  predominantly Nature Refuges and protected areas.

Not only does such a program provide invaluable support to committed landholders, the participants get access to some amazing places and meet motivated and passionate individuals who have incredible vision and dedication.

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