Dilkusha project

Dilkusha is a 28 hectare property located in the Lake Baroon catchment on the Obi Obi Creek.  The property includes extensive areas of native rainforest, which is home to 300 species of plants and 245 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and butterflies. These include the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly (and vine), the Pink Underwing Moth and its foodplant and the rare Eastern Pygmy Possum as well as six rare and endangered tree species.

A 1.2 km stretch of the Obi Obi Creek flows through the centre of the property. The riparian lands abutting this reach are one of the last remaining examples of a rainforest riparian ecosystem in the Upper Obi Obi catchment and provide an insight into the condition of the catchment prior to European settlement. The majority of the riparian lands located at Dilkusha have never been cleared while other sections were selectively cleared in the past but have enjoyed almost 20 years of regeneration and regrowth.

The community at Dilkusha is committed to conservation. This is demonstrated by their entering into a Voluntary Conservation Agreement that protects almost 70% of the property as well as 95% of the riparian lands. In addition, in 2006, the community undertook, with the financial assistance of a Caloundra City Council Annual Grant, a program to control riparian weeds such as small and large leaved privet, lantana and madeira vine.

The community has developed a Property Management Plan and have a proven, low ecological impact methodology for removal of woody weed species based on the Bradley method. This includes a six-hit approach to weed control over a one year period. This achieves:

  • An 80% ‘first kill’ success rate on targeted ground cover species using hand removal and chemical methods;
  • A 95% kill rate on woody weeds controlled by drilling and frilling;
  • Removal of up to 80% of madeira vine from riparian lands;
  • Control of up to 90% of targeted riparian weeds by the end of third phase of activity.

The first day of work on an Envirofund project to clear lantana and privet from a buffer zone for the Dilkusha Nature Refuge.