Name that Stream

NTS-brochureBMRG funding initiated this project which aimed to put names to some of the as yet nameless sections of the Lake Baroon Catchment. The activity involved an advertising campaign, community workshops and the production and distribution of brochures and posters identifying the un-named creeks in the catchment.  The workshops identified those creeks that needed naming and the relevant public interest in creek naming.   The brochure allowed residents to vote on which name is most worthy for their local creek through a reply paid survey form.  The information gathered was used by LBCCG in their place name proposal to the Queensland Government.

The creeks listed below were officially named in 2009, according to The Place Names Act 1994.

  • Pobblebonk Creek

    Officialy named creeks in the Baroon Catchment
    Officially named creeks in the Baroon Catchment
  • Elston Creek (formerly known as Smalls or Lexys Creek)
  • Falls Creek
  • Whardjin Creek
  • Lawley Creek
  • Bridge Creek
  • Alcorn Creek
  • Graves Creek
  • Arley Creek
  • King’s Lane Weir
  • Maleny Weir
  • Gardner’s Falls
  • Fryar Creek
  • Daley Creek
  • Willow Creek
  • Clark Creek

Click here for Name that Stream (2011) (PDF 1.08Mb)