Upper Alcorn Creek Riparian Fencing

IMG_0538Maintaining water quality is critical to providing safe bulk drinking water for the population of south east Queensland. All of the raw water storages managed by Seqwater are located in catchments which are developed to varying extents and support active and growing communities, including important industrial and rural economic activity. To provide a multi-barrier approach to the supply of drinking water, Seqwater must influence the management of land not owned by, but which exert an influence over Seqwater’s business.

Upper Alcorn Creek Riparian Fencing is a project designed to reduce the impacts of livestock access to a significant length of permanent waterway. The reduction in risk to water quality are expected to be significant and an integral part of the broader aim of protecting the Lake Baroon resource, addressing the issues and risks associated with the production of a safe water supply to the Sunshine Coast and beyond. However the project provides far broader environmental benefits, such as the protection of remnant vegetation and wildlife corridors that increasingly the community demands.

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