Summary of Projects

In the twenty years since LBCCG was formed we have developed well in excess of 150 individual water quality improvement projects worth in excess of $3,800,000.  The majority of these projects have involved on-ground remedial works to improve the water quality of the tributaries that flow into Lake Baroon.



Pre-2005 Projects

Early projects between 2001 and 2005 were many and varied. They included fencing and revegetation projects on land belonging to Maleny State Primary School, Maleny State High School, Caloundra City Council (e.g. Willow Lane, Maleny Weir and Kings Lane Weir), Manduka, Erowal and a large number of private landholders.


Project site in Hakea Ave

2005-06 Projects

Seventeen projects were funded by LBCCG in the 05-06 financial year, including three on public land and twelve on private land. On-ground works included installation of off stream watering, fencing to exclude stock from waterways,  weed control and revegetation of riparian corridors. In addition, LBCCG funded the production of a sign for the Tesch Park beside the Obi Obi Creek and also funded the work of the Blackall Range Invasive Weeds Task Force.


Planting site off Treehaven Way



Before & after work (Maleny)

2006-07 Projects

As LBCCG agreed that $20,000 of their project funding would be directed to helping AquaGen pay for the acquisition of 455 North Maleny Road, there was a reduced project budget for the 06-07 financial year. Hence, ten projects were funded in this financial year. These included six projects on private land (including fencing off waterways, weed control and revegetation of riparian corridors), two on public (Caloundra City Council) land, support of mistflower bio-control research and production of landholder Property Management Kits.


Planting sites in North Maleny (Obi Obi tributary) & Burgess Ave (Walkers Creek)

2007-08 Projects

From mid-2007, the focus of the Group changed to large scale projects. The first of these projects is on land along the Montville-Maleny Road. This 24 hectare property belonging to AquaGen (now the Queensland Bulk Water Supply Authority) has a tributary of Small Creek arising from a spring. For more on this project go to Upper Small Creek Rehabilitation Project.