Mistflower ( Ageratina riparia)
Mistflower (Ageratina riparia)

The Mistflower Biological Control Project – a partnership between CSIRO, Sunshine Coast Council and LBCCG has taken another twist…

CSIRO in late 2010 were granted funding through the NSW Environmental Trust to test host specificity of the smut fungus to ensure it did not adversely affect native flora species or horticulture species.

As recently reported the smut fungus that controls Mistflower has been identified in initially the Lamington NP area and later in the Maleny area.

Thus CSIRO had to renegotiate the NSW Environmental Trust funding and fortunately were successful in gaining a project variation. As the funding was granted in NSW CSIRO will use the monies held by LBCCG to conduct sampling and monitoring in Queensland – specifically the Blackall Range.

Here’s hoping that the smut fungus does not adversely affect native vegetation and horticulture and has a huge impact on this environmental pest.

Click here for an ID Guide on the Mistflower smut fungus.