100_4302Walkers Creek Rehabilitation and Enhancement is being implemented over two adjoining properties, staged over three years and is effectively a continuation of recent projects on neighbouring properties both upstream and downstream. The project will exclude livestock from 385 metres of Walkers Creek, control invasive environmental weeds and replace with appropriate native vegetation, establishing a vegetated buffer. The riparian vegetation will reduce erosion, shade the watercourse reducing temperature – enhancing dissolved oxygen levels and improve the watercourses ability to mitigate the effects of pollutants originating further upstream. Other benefits include extending wildlife corridors, providing habitat, improving aesthetic appeal (important to raise awareness of value of riparian restoration) and reduce weed sources. This will address risks to water quality in the catchment (and ultimately Lake Baroon) by reducing key contaminants including nutrients, pathogens, pesticides and gross pollutants.

The project is a collaboration between LBCCG (with funding from Seqwater) and Sunshine Coast Council, and of course the landowners Matt, Anita, Graeme and Marlene.

The project has kicked off with weed management well underway (implemented in a staged program) and revegetation commenced.

To see a short video of a posi-track mulcher slashing and mulching bamboo –    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c444YTTCv3U