Land slip profiling following drainage installation.

There has been a flurry of activity in this project recently with weed management, fencing and land slip remediation works. Although LBCCG as a general rule is reluctant to fund land slip works – mainly due to the inherent risks involved with slips, we can assist with advice or at least pointing landholders in the right direction. In this particular case after extensive drainage and profiling works carried out by the landholders, LBCCG is assisting with the revegetation of the site which will help provide long-term stabilisation. following drainage installation.

Weed management works were carried out by Development and Vegetation Solutions. The posi-track mulcher is efficient, fast and effective. Fencing on this site has been recently completed by Tim Simpson from Langdale Stud Fencing.

Weed mulcher 10
Tony Curtain from Development & Vegetation Solutions removing and mulching Lantana and Devil’s Fig.
CAG fencing 10
Despite the difficult conditions, fencing on Bridge Creek Rehabilitation has been completed.