OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Landers Shute WTP is one of four key base load, grid connected water treatment plants in SEQ and is a criticality 5 WTP yielding 20 000 ML per annum from its relatively small (74 km2) catchment. Its ability to reliability produce water from such a small catchment is related to its catchment being one of the highest rainfall areas in South East Queensland. This high rainfall also increases its vulnerability to landslides which occur during major rain events.

The Lake Baroon Catchment and In-storage Risk Assessment (2009) identifies steep and unstable slopes as an extreme risk to water quality.

Revegetation with local Araucaria species on observed unstable and high risk areas will improve the stability of land near Lake Baroon. The installation of vegetation in these areas will over time, provide both structure and anchor unstable areas to the underlying bedrock. This technique is recognised low cost-low risk option for stabilising these sites. This is the second year of the Seqwater Landslip Remediation Program.

LBCCG managed the on-ground component of the program including all landholder negotiations.

To see a Report on the 2014-15 Program please click 2014-15 Landslip program