Bridge Creek Rehabilitation (Watter)

Bridge_Creek_Rehabilitation_(Watter)_-_Bridge_creek_rehabilitation_(watter)_website_version.pdf_-_2014-02-13_14.37.52The Watter’s until recently owned and operated a veterinary practice in Maleny. With the sale of the business Kurt and Sally have the time and commitment necessary to commence environmental and water quality improvement activities on their 16 hectare property.

The Watter’s unsuccessfully applied to the Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group in 2008/09 for assistance to fence and re-vegetate the main waterway on their property. The project was considered to have merit, however the project was deemed too minor to have ma jor water quality improvement benefits. Not taken into account however was the property’s proximity to neighbouring remnant vegetation and the quantity of water generated from the property (when visited in mid October the main waterway was still flowing despite the extremely dry conditions and lack of substantial rainfall).

Furthermore, the Watter’ s share a boundary with Col Cork; with both landholders commencing Property Management Planning with LBCCG in 2008/09. Col Cork has expressed interest in carrying out on – ground works on his property, and combined with lower sub – catchment works on Rob McLauchlan’s, will result in a strategic approach to on-ground works in the catchment.

The Bridge Creek catchment is recognised as being prone to mass movement (land slides & slips). This property has had minor landslips in the past, however recent good property management has left the property stable and suitable for revegetation . The geology of the property (and most of the Bridge Creek catchment) however, results in numerous springs on the property that continually provide waterlogged areas which are frequented by livestock which ‘pug’ the soils and results in the loss of soil during rainfall events.

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