Bridge Creek Rehabilitation (McLauchlan) Year 4

Bridge_Creek_Rehabilitation_-_Bridge_Creek_Rehabilitation_CAG_Final_Report_web_version.pdf_-_2014-02-13_15.33.21In 2008-09 Rob McLauchlan completed a Property Management Planning program with Lake Baroon Catchment Care Group. The main outcome of the PMP program was the reduction of risk to water quality in Bridge Creek and its tributaries (and ultimately Lake Baroon) by identifying and completing on-ground works that would also improve the productivity and sustainability of the farm business.

The project will reduce sediment, nutrient and pathogen run-off from the beef property through the rehabilitation of areas of erosion and the revegetation of watercourses. Farm productivity and viability will be enhanced by reducing nutrient, sediment and chemical export and improving the manageability of the farm.

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