LBCCG is a small community group formed in 1992 that seeks to improve water quality throughout the Lake Baroon catchment by implementing on-ground works, education and awareness events. The group has grown from a part time Coordinator to currently employing three full time staff, a part time project officer and a part time office manager.
Seqwater delivers a safe, secure water supply across south east Queensland and are committed to their vision of Water for life.
Catchments play a vital role in supplying safe drinking water and are an integral part of the ‘catchment to tap’ approach for potable water production.
Seqwater recognises the importance of engaging stakeholders, customers and the community, and partners with LBCCG in the Lake Baroon catchment to deliver on ground projects and raise awareness of current best practice to reduce risks to source water quality.

We are often asked what we actually do? No its not endless water quality testing nor running around the catchment telling people what they can and can’t do. There are other organisations to do all that. We prioritise on ground action – implementing projects that reduce risk to water quality but also provide numerous other benefits. Most of our projects improve habitat, address threatening processes to wildlife, protect remnant vegetation and even help landholders remain sustainable and viable. The last thing we want is to lose all our local farmers and be replaced with more and more houses. This can only be detrimental to water quality and the environment. This short video we produced in 2018  provides a small example of some of the work we do. 

What does LBCCG do? (Video link)


2020/21 LBCCG continued to produce positive outcomes in difficult times. Our total project value delivered over the year was just under $1.9 million, this included over $500,000 in landholder cash and in-kind payments.

We strive to provide win – win projects in the catchment. Water quality and environmental projects provide a broad and significant community benefit, far beyond property boundaries. Our landholders are our most precious partners – without them we would not be able to implement the projects we do and realise the benefits we do.

We could not achieve the significant outcomes we do without our funding providers Sunshine Coast Council, the Queensland Government, the Commonwealth Government, the Department of Transport and Main Roads and our primary funder Seqwater.


LBCCG’s activities align well with Sunshine Coast Council’s Biodiversity & Waterways Management strategies. Consequently, Council through the Environment Levy Partnership program, supports LBCCG with operational funding to assist in the delivery of on-ground projects in the Lake Baroon catchment. This is a successful ongoing partnership and has resulted in LBCCG being able to plan with certainty and consistently source additional external funding.

This project is proudly supported by Sunshine Coast Council’s grant program.